Podcast Reality Check

Are you considering starting a podcast? Does your team or your agency want to start a podcast, but you’re not sure it’s the right thing to do?

It’s not that hard to find out if you should start a podcast. There are a few questions you can and should ask yourself before jumping on the podcast train. I can help you decide if launching a podcast should be your next step.

I’ve been podcasting for 5 years

In the podcast world, that makes me a senior. Did you know most podcasters quit after releasing just a few episodes? There’s even a term for it: ‘podfading.’ You don’t want your (personal) brand to start off with a bang and then fade away, right?

What do you think will happen?

Before you start shopping for microphones, ask yourself why you want to start a podcast. What do you expect to happen after you launch your first episodes? What would make you happy, or what would be considered a success?

Reality might disappoint

Chances are you will be disappointed early on in your podcasting adventure. The hard truth is that it will take time for you to develop an audience. Even if you already have an audience elsewhere, podcasting won’t be easy.

Don’t get me wrong

Podcasting is a beautiful medium. It can build authentic relationships. It can provide a great deal of value or entertainment to your audience. It can help you reach a new audience, or it can help you get to know an existing one better.

Like running an Ultramarathon

But doing podcasting well is not easy, nor is it cheap. Launching a successful podcast requires a long-term and consistent investment of your time and resources. This will not be a sprint or a marathon, but an ultramarathon.

Start by asking yourself the right questions

Before you hit the track running, take a moment to ask yourself the right questions. Make sure you know who you want to reach. Make sure you know what you want to accomplish. Make sure you know a podcast is the best way to do this.

Need help? I’m here to listen

Just send me an email at sigrid(@)cheesecakemedia.be and tell me about your podcast idea.