How I can help you write better plans, briefings and reports

If you’re looking for someone to help you write better plans, briefings and reports, you should expect that person to know what is difficult about your day-to-day job.

Most of the things you learn about marketing are hard to execute. Very few companies give marketers the time and resources to do their jobs well.

I know this because I was in your shoes for many years. I know that most of your days, you don’t have the bandwidth to really think about things. That next deadline is always just around the corner.

That’s why I like to sit down next to clients and look for pragmatic ways to optimize their way of working. Over the years, I’ve discovered that the most efficient way to to do this, is to approach every marketing plan, briefing or report as a story.

This approach is not a one-size-fits-all and fixes everything theory! No, finding the story in your plan, briefing or report is challenging work. It requires you to pause the distractions of the day and get back to what is essential – if only for a few minutes.

So, are you ready to connect with what is of essence in all of your marketing work? Then let’s sit down together (virtually) and start asking the right questions together.

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Brands I worked for

Alpro, Proximus (Scarlet), Mobile Vikings, VIJFtv, Vier, Sanoma (Pink Ribbon), Goodyear, DPG Media, …