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Looking for an experienced marketer to help you develop your story while you write your marketing plans or briefings? This is my way of working.

Things I can help you with:
  • Give feedback on your existing marketing plan or campaign briefing
  • Help you write a marketing plan or campaign briefing from scratch
  • Help you create better marketing reports
  • Develop templates that will make it easier to write a strategy, briefing or report
  • Help you challenge your agency when they send you a campaign proposal that doesn’t feel quite right
  • Help you challenge your agency when they send you a report that is not very clear
  • Inspire you and your team with workshops about marketing strategy, storytelling and writing
Things I won’t help you with:
  • Executing marketing plans and managing marketing efforts as an interim marketer
  • Writing plans, briefings or reports for the following industries: dairy, meat, gambling and weapon industry

Services & PRICING:
  • 30 minute session to talk about what help you need (free)
  • 90 minute, one-time feedback session about an existing plan, briefing or report (199 euro, VAT excluded)
  • Consultancy based on your needs (120 euro per hour, VAT excluded)
  • Custom 3 hour inspirational workshop (pricing to be discussed based on needs)
What my clients say:

Through her coaching style, Sigrid let us build the plan ourselves with an aim to quickly teach us the marketing basics. In the same time, we felt her invisible directional hand guiding us to the essence, not allowing any fluff or irrelevant distractions.

I have had the pleasure of working closely with Sigrid for over ten (!) years, and I can confidently say that she is a remarkable individual who embodies a rare combination of critical thinking, human empathy, and strong managerial powers. Her ability to tackle complex challenges with a strategic and highly professional mindset is truly inspiring.

Think we can write your story together?

Sigrid Dufraimont

Send me a quick email at sigrid(at)cheesecakemedia.be

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