About me

I’m Sigrid. I live and work in a suburb of Bruges. I recently moved here after living in Ghent for over a decade. I left Ghent to explore what life is like outside of a busy city.

Why marketing and storytelling?

I’ve always created stories, even as a kid, but I didn’t acquire the skills to create good ones until I started training as a journalist. This is where I learned to be disciplined while telling a story. 

Storytelling is often about discipline. It doesn’t matter if you’re creating a fictional story or building the narrative of your marketing plan. Storytelling is about making choices about what you say and when you say it. 

This is a hard lesson to learn. It attacks some of our favorite, romantized beliefs about writing, creativity and storytelling. Over the years, I have learned my lesson the hard way, over and over again. 

As a young radio maker, I learned how to build an audio narrative while enjoying an immense creative freedom. Later, as I started and built the foundations of my career, I learned how to reshape a text or presentation until it made more sense. I edited other people’s stories over and over again. 

After a few years, I started to focus on digital marketing and soon discovered that every marketing plan, briefing and report is also a story. As I had developed the skills to focus on what is essential, I soon started to implement this know-how as a marketer. I was laser focused on strategy, efficiency and impact. 

Over time, I started to miss the creative freedom I had enjoyed while being a young student. I also discovered that some stories are more important than others. I created the time and space to reconnect with my family, my creativity and the stories I wanted to create from scratch. 

7 years later, I have written over 7 fictional stories that I released as audio dramas to a niche audience. To this day, I release a new episode every two weeks. My podcast reaches thousands of people around the world and I am proud to say that it has a very engaged and supportive audience. 

As a marketing consultant, I now combine my experience as a marketer and storyteller to help you write better stories. Not fictional stories, of course. I want to help you write that kick-ass marketing plan, crystal-clear briefing or eye-opening report.